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Weymouth Art Association represented by some of our members, Lois, Birthe, Joan and Martha is taking the photo in the non-profit section on the October 2017 Weymouth Pumpkin Give-A-Wey.  This was a successful community event!

Weymouth Art Basket Weaving Workshop April 29, 2017 in the Butterfly Room

Tufts Library with Kathy Petronzio 

Sue Yang Artist instructor from MFA demonstrates Chinese Painting to Weymouth Art Association Memebers and the Community.  

Participants practice using liquid ink, different animal hair brushes and what pressure used in the strokes producing dark to light.

Painting bamboo and orchard leaf, lock the wrist and move the arm, brush stroke is at an angle.

Weymouth Art Association Members present at the June 27 Farmers Market

Carol Swart had a lovely presentation of her paintings many were from her Wellfleet, Cape Cod Collection.


Christ Morse had some of her photos framed along with a collection of cards.  Some are local places others of her visits to the Islands   Chris is an accomplished photographer.


Kristina Mullen had a display of art magnets.


Martha Webber, Metal Artist had jewelry items.

WAA members attended the Whole Foods Fair in October

Whole Foods had their annual Fair in the parking lot at the  stores South Weymouth location.  Many vendors offered food samples. They even had Camel Rides for the children.  Weymouth Art also had a table and gave out informative information about our association.

Weymouth Art at the Great Pumpkin Give-Away 

October 3, 2015 Susan, Lois and Martha attended this yearly community event held at the Weymouth Town Hall.  Susan had a display of her wonderful painings with a common theme of family.  All done in Susan's style they really brightened up that dreary, cold day.  Lots of nice comments made about Susan's painting display.  Lois handed out informative information on Weymouth Art.  Thank you ladies for coming out on that cold rainy day to represent Weymouth Art.  

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