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WAA has a proud history of serving the art community since 1961

Weymouth Art Association began in 1961 as non-profit association with a proud history of servicing the artistic community and promoting cultural development.  Our mission is to enhance the understanding and expression of art. Together, we all share the common love of art.  Art culture is a critical element in our society, helping to provide a quality life for the future both economically and individually.  Weymouth Art Association is dedicated to promoting art education, and we believe that art should be available to everyone.



Weymouth Art applies for a Cultural Council Grant yearly to pay for 9 months of ARTIST Demonstration at $150.00 each. Also 2 judges at $75.00 each for both Fall and Spring Shows at total expense of $1500.00 per year. Grants awarded by Weymouth Cultural Council under current President Martha Webber


Mission Statement -  Weymouth Art Association is dedicated to fostering and encouraging creative art and its understanding and appreciation by providing programs, and events for the benefit of its members and the community


The Benefits of Membership


A monthly newsletter is sent to members with information on upcoming demos and workshops, future exhibits, results of judged shows, publicity about members, and articles or reviews by contributing members.


Fall and Spring shows are judged with cash awards.

Around Town Display Program 

Members have the opportunity to display and sell their work at several locations throughout Weymouth. This is done on a two-month rotation—a good way to get local exposure at the following locations:

Weymouth Town Hall:

  • Mayor’s Office - 2 pieces of art

  • Auditors Office - 3 pieces of art

  • Councilors Office - 1 piece of art 

  • Treasures Office - 3 pieces of art

  • SSH Center for Physical Wellness - 4 pieces of art



Monthly Meeting

Dates listed on home page. 


Community Outreach

WAA is available please contact us with your information at




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