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9/20/14 Joan Dromey - Pastel Artist  Demo

10/11/14 Mary Chatowsky Jameson - Creating designs with Seaweed

11/15/14 Margaret McWethy - Oil Painting Still Life Demo

12/20/14 Kristopher Kreitman - Old Masters methods and materials, Oil Painting on a metal surface, using "Abozzo " underpainting technique, and creating and using a beeswax/dammar painting technique.

12/20/14 Fall Show Judged by Kristina Mullen

1/17/15 Bill Flynn - Drawing with charcoal and pastels.

2/14/15 Susan Fusco Fazio - Painting Acrylic Demo (Healing with Art).

3/14/15 Isabel Shamitz - Oil Painting Demo

4/11/15 Susan Fusco Fazio - Judge WAA Spring Show 2015 

4/14/15 Spring Show Judged by Susan Fusco-Fazio

5/16/15 Nancy Sargent Howell - Watercolor Demo


9/15/15 Jane Bradbury Doll Design Creator - Hands on sculpting and presentation on her original dolls.

10/17/15 Dottie James - Easy tips to present your work professionally.

2/13/16 Claudette Humphries - Pen And Ink Demo

3/12/16 Zhanna Cantor - Acrylic Painting Demo

4/2/16 Spring Show Judged by Zhanna Cantor

4/9/16 Wendy Hale - Water Color Demo

5/7/16 Jason Gluck - Oil Painting Demo


9/17/16 Liz Hunter - Acrylic Demo

10/22/16 Andrea Tamkin - Oil Painting Demo

11/19/16 Sue Yang - Chinese Painting

11/19/16 Fall Show Judged by Sue Yang

12/17/16 Kelley MacDonald - Acrylic Painting Demo

1/21/17 Kathleen Petronzio - Basket Weaving

2/18/17 Paula Villanova - Acrylic Painting Demo

3/18/17 Pamela Copeman - Acrylic Painting Demo

4/15/17 Spring Art Show Judged by Kassandra Aloe

4/15/17 Kassandra Aloe - 

4/29/17 Kathy Petronzio - Basket Weaving Workshop (Casserole Basket)

5/20/17 Maggie Carberry Pasquan - Mixed Media Demo


10/21/17 Margot Cheel - Aerial Photographer, Licensed Private Pilot and Book Author.  Presentation on digital photography and her technique for catching outstanding shape from the air.

11/4/17 Eileen Casey - Pastel Demo

12/9/17 Lisa Goren - Presentation on Polar Regions and their landscape with watercolor demo.

12/9/17 Fall Show Judged by Lisa Goren

1/20/18 Jocelyn Dana Thomas - Oil Painting Demo and fused glass jewelry display.

2/17/18 Amanda Herzog - Sea Meets Land, Acrylic Painting Demo.

4/14/18 Velma Begley - Water Colorist, illustrator and author - Environmentalist presenting her many water color scenes of various birds.

3/17/18 John Marshall Dyke - Acrylic Demo

4/14/18 Spring Show Judged by Isabel Shamittz

5/19/18 Michael Dominia - Water Color Demo

9/22/18 Nancy Connolly - Interactive Demo with water based ink on acetate plates.  Presentation on printing process monoprints, collagraphs, gelatin prints, stencils and collage.

10/20/18 Alix White - Acrylic Painting Workshop

11/23/18 Fall Show Judged by Kris Kreitman

11/24/18 Dan Myers - Sculpture Demo

12/15/18 Keith Conforti - Photographer and Graphic Design Artist

1/19/19 Stephanie Roberts Camello - Encaustic Demo

2/16/19 Rita Berkowitz - Pastel Drawing Demo

3/16/19 Karen Paul - Felting Workshop

4/13/19 Becky Haletky - Water Color Demo

5/18/19 Susan Entin - Watercolor Crayon Demo

9/19/19 Isabel Shamitz - Linear 1 and 2 point perspective

10/19/19 Carole Raymond Oil Painting Demo

11/18/19 Fall Show Judged by Jocelyn Dana Thomas

11/23/19 Connie Crosby - Digital Art Making

12/19/19 Lennie Peterson - Drawing with rhythm and tone

1/18/20 Tony Andrade - Water, Water, Everywhere! Phases of working in watercolor with texture, illusion and realism.

2/22/20 Janet McGlynn - Fiber Artist and designer creating art with fabric, designing logo's  and emblems.

3/21/20 Cancelled due to Covid19

Demo presentations for April and May 2020 Cancelled due to Covid19 Restrictions.

Remote Learning virtually with Zoom, monthly from September 2020 through May 2021.

September through December 2020 Four Part Demo and Presentation Series with Artist Erica Ramsey.

January 2021 through May 2021 Five Part Remote Learning Series with Artist Evelina Brozgul.

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