WAA Fall Member Show
November 13-20, 2021 Tufts Library

Category 1 - Oil & Acrylic

Cat 1 Donna 18.jpg

Donna Lucas Acrylic "Margaree Island"


Martha Donovan Acrylic

"Sea Fever" $300.00

Cat 1 Sea Fever 17.jpg

Jason Gluck Oil Railroad Depot $375.00

Cat 1 Railrod Depot 15.jpg

Janet DeLonga Oil "Night Light"


Cat 1 night light.jpg

Jason Gluck Oil Ice Cream Factory $350.00

Cat Icecream factory 14.jpg
Cat 1 Symphoney Harps 13.jpg

Isabel Shamitz Oil Reflections of History $1800.00

Cat 1 Reflections.jpg

Nanci Palmer Oil Geraniums $30.00

Cat 1 Geraniums.jpg

Isabel Shamitz Oil Symphony Harps $3200.00

Cat 1 Patiently 12.jpg

Isabel Shamitz oil Patiently Waiting


Cat 1 Lavender Day 9.jpg

Joanna Drew Acrylic

Lavender Day NFS

Joanna Drew Acrylic Energy $150.00

Cat 1 energy.jpg

John Marshall Dyke Oil Knife Still Life with Sunflowers $500.00

Cat 1 Sunflowers 7.jpg
Cat 1 Stone Sculpture 6.jpg

John Marshall Dyke Acrylic Stone Sculpture $350.00

Cat 1 Puppy under sun flowers 5.jpg

Laura Wright Acrylic "Puppy Under Sunflowers" NFS

Cat 1 Willie 4.jpg
Cat 1 bobo.jpg

Laura Wright Acrylic

"Willie" NFS 

Laura Wright Acrylic "Bobo and Me" NFS

Martha Webber Acrylic "Hole in the Wall Dance" $125.00

Cat 1 hole in the wall dance.jpg

Martha Webber Acrylic Rowing Team on the Back River Weymouth

Cat 1 rowing team on the back river.jpg

Category 2 - Watercolor

Susan Entin Fore River Presidents Against Compressor Station #2 $400.00

Susan Entin "Satan at the depths of inferno" from Dante's Inferno $100.00

Cat 2 compressor.jpg
Cat 2 satan.jpg

Susan Entin "Ring of those who practiced Simony" from Dante's Inferno $100.00

Cat 2 inferno.jpg

Birthe Creutz Birds of Paradise $250.00

Cat 2 birds or paradise.jpg

Birthe Creutz Winter Sun and Ice $250.00

Cat 2 winter sun.jpg

Nanci Palmer Snowy Dusk NFS

cat 2 snowy dusk.jpg

John Marshall Dyke Sea Sculpture #6 $500.00

cat 2 sea sculpture.jpg

Jason Gluck Fairhaven Boat Yard $285.00

Cat 2 fairhaven.jpg

Mary Dorey Snowy Shed NFS

cat 2 snowy shed.jpg

Mary Dorey Irish Cottage NFS

cat 2 irish cottage.jpg

Category 3 - Pastel & Drawing

Mary Megias "Cobblestones" NFS

Autumn evening.MaryMegias.jpg

Martha Donovan "Maine" NFS

Cat 3 maine.jpg

Janet DeLonga "Forgotten" $125.00

Cat 3 forgotten.jpg

Robert Dagley Newburyport Harbor NFS

Cat 3 newburyport.jpg

 Robert Dagley Tree Line on Trinity Road NFS

Janet DeLonga "October" $125.00

cat 3 october.jpg

Robert Dagley Laura NFS

Cat 3 laura.jpg
cat 3 Tree line on trinity road.jpg

Category 4 - Mixed Media

Birthe Creutz Fall Landscape Paper Collage NFS

cat 4 fall landscape.jpg

Kathleen Arnold Provoke $300.00

cat 4 provoke.jpg

Martha Donovan Meadow $250.00

Cat 4 meadow.jpg

Kathleen Arnold Essence $300.00

Cat 4 essence.jpg

Kathleen Arnold Crisp $$300.00

cat 4 crisp.jpg

Martha Webber Wearable Art NFS

cat 4 wearable art.jpg