Weymouth Art Association Virtual Fall

Member Show November 30, 2020

Theme - Autumn Skyline

Criteria; And keeping with the theme you may add rural or city foreground and or background.

Critique based on 1. Uniqueness/Originality 2. Esthetic quality and design 3. Color and tones

4. Application of material and complexity.

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Category 1 - Oil & Acrylic

Miguel Megias Autumn Reflection.jpg

Miguel Megias Autumn Reflections Oil 24X18

Autumn sky 1.jpg

Autumn Sky - Acrylic  Paint by Martha Webber

autumn sky laura 1.jpg

Autumn Sky - Acrylic Paint by Laura Wright

Autumn View - Acrylic Paint by Joanna Drew

Autumn View by Joanna Drew.jpeg

Category 2 - Watercolor

autumn sky 2.jpg

Autumn Sky - water color paint on wet paper

by Susan Entin 

Category 3 - Pastel & Drawing

Michele Montreal Skyline, soft pastel on

Michele Girard, Foggy Montreal Skyline.  Soft pastels on sanded paper 9X12.

Mary Megias "Autumn Evening" 17X22 soft pastel

Autumn evening.MaryMegias.jpg

Category 4 - Mixed Media