Weymouth Art Association  January 2018

                                                               By Martha Webber – President 


                                                                                            Artist of the Month

                                                      February – Chris Morse               March – Susan Entin

                                             April – Jason Gluck                       May – Janet DeLonga


January 20th we had a most impressive presentation demo by artist Jocelyn Dana Thomas, as she built on her methods working with oil paint.  Another medium that she is very adept at is fusing glass, touching on the process involved with this craft and including examples.

Jocelyn performs most of her work now from her studio at home in Cohasset painting mostly in oil, some acrylic.  During her down time she makes wonderful fused glass jewelry and crochet hats. 

Painting both from life and imagination Jocelyn did her presentation using the large screen smart TV talking about photographs of her spectacular paintings.  Engaging the audience with these photographs and her style of work she took us on a tour of her art  traveling through Europe, many paintings now reside in some one else’s  home.   England, Scotland and Switzerland scenes are included in her travel adventures. Making her residence in Basil for a few years she created paintings of landscape and buildings while living in the city.

She has done a number of scenes here on the south shore including Worlds End, Hingham Harbor and Little Harbor in Cohasset a few of these were commissions. She recently did a series of Black Rock Beach that was on display as part of Hull Open Studios. 

Painting is a way that Jocelyn documents what she sees and also makes her feel good at the same time. Using big brushes for landscape, washing in the sky, creating patterns by cutting in with a dry brush and closing up seams.  Maybe even changing the direction of the painting by turning it on its side.

She has depicted versions of crows and ravens in some of her paintings.  Growing up in a home of dual artist parents both graduates of Rhode Island School of Design Jocelyn retains many fond memories of her father’s work even though her Dad passed away when she was quite young.  Keeping some of his art alive today she chooses to use some of his drawing designs as part of her own paintings.

Joselyn went on to demo with a projector instead of tracing paper on the canvas.   With photos from her cell phone she would display the image or part of that image then draw it on the canvas. Taking a suggested color combo from one of the audience participants Jocelyn begins her painting demo for the group.


Visiting artist for February 17, 2018 is Amanda Herzog whom will be doing her demo in acrylic paint.  Interested in story-telling and creating mood through color.  She is fascinated by human connection, tension and our occupation of the environment.  Amanda has always been drawn to the ocean and the sand; in fact, any place where the sea meets land makes her happy.  Bathers and the landscape have been a central theme in her paintings and prints.

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