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Weymouth Art Association Newsletter September 2020

By Martha Webber – President of Weymouth Art Association

AROUND TOWN – Member artist have filled the October/November 2020 artwork display.

Virtual session 1 on September 26, kicked off a 4-part remote series with Erica Ramsey.  We had a good number of attendees on our first zoom it was uplifting and nice to see everyone healthy and safe from Covid.  Zoom ended with an open group discussion.

Erica spoke to her experience and process of healing emotionally during Covid with examples of her art.  Her first Session with the caption (Who Am I) consisted of a Power Point Outline of visuals and an introduction and discussion on the non-objective process.  Starting with scrap ends of hot press Bristol board Erica began a process by using Quink a fountain pen ink from either an eye dropper or by flicking a brush on the paper. These splotches can now become forms and images the beginnings of art just by using your imagination.

Investigating abstract art from non-objective work even realistic art can still be an abstraction.  Make visible things that are invisible.  Erica encourages everyone to practice creating your story or narrative at home, trust your esthetic sensibility pure and non-objective. Play with color, line, shape and texture.

Add a variety of mixed media to your design chalk, inktense pencils, pastels, water color pencils, colored pencils, variety of inks and watercolor Erica demonstrates using these various materials and how they react to one another.

Member Fall Show online  Please send me a photo/jpeg of your painting on or before November 30.  Theme is Autumn sky, with member critique.

Members please join us on October 24, you may start to log on at 1:50 PM, demo will begin at 2:00PM and end at 3:00PM.  A Zoom Link for the demo will be emailed to all those who have registered from Joan Donovan on day before demo. Everyone will mute themselves during the demo, you can unmute if you have a question for Erica.

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