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Fused glass and enamel set in brass - Copy.jpg

Designs by Martha Webber Fused glass brooch free form, set in brass.  Enamel Moose pendant set in brass

Setting examples.jpg

Wool Knit Bags created and designed by Martha Webber

Wool Bags .jpg

Martha Webber displays examples of various types of Brass Settings for different stones all settings designed  and hand fabricated by the artist.

Martha Webber created in June 2021

Formed Copper earrings enameled with sterling jump rings and wire.

Water Color of Osprey Park, Weymouth with Egret flying away.

Osprey Park and Enameled Earrings.jpg

Susan Entin Bicycle Series Four - May 2021 Water Color.

Bicycles 3.jpg
Bicycles 2.jpg
Bicycles 4.jpg
Bicycles 1.jpg
Enchanted woods 2.28.21.jpg

Martha Webber Enchanted Woods

Acrylic March 2021

Martha Webber, Pen & Ink with water color March 2021

Enchanted  Woods .jpg

Martha Webber

Mama bear in nature

Acrylic March 2021

Mama bear in nature.jpg

Laura Wright Acrylic Hingham 

Sold April 2021 at Center for Physical Wellness, Weymouth

Laura Wright Hingham.jpg

Laura Wright

Willie Nelson Black Sharpie Marker 

Laura Wright Christmas Cards 2020

Laura Wright Christmas Cards.jpg
Laura Wright Willie Nelson.jpg

Laura Wright Black Marker Medium created  Circles,

Circles & Squares, and Moose & Circles.

Laura's black shapie circles upon circle
Laura 's Black Sharpie shapes inspired b
Dream Catcher mixed media.jpg
Laura's black sharpie drawing with moose

Laura Wright Covid 19 Creation with mixed media. "Dream Catcher"

Laura Wright Acrylic Paint "Four Dotted, Twelve Solid"

Four Dotted, Twelve Solid acrylic.jpg

Susan Entin in November 2020 makes a statement with her recent series of paintings,

"Food Not Bombs".

low res SE 11.2020 Food Not Bombs 2.jpg
low res SE 10.2020 food dist 3 men.jpg

Laura Wright Acrylic Paint "Sunset at Webb Park"

Sunset at Webb Park Acrylic.jpg
low res SE 11.2020 Food Not Bombs 1.jpg
low res SE 9.17.20 food dist arches.jpg
low res SE 09.2020 food not... (1).jpg
Wellfleet Harbor 1985.jpg

Martha Webber, Acrylic 1/21 Wellfleet Harbor Sailboats

from a photo I took in 1984

Northern Pintail Moms gathering their du

Martha Webber,  acrylic 11/2020 "Northern Pintail Mother Ducks gathering up their ducklings". From photo's taken 27 years ago Oldham Pond Pembroke, MA.

working the rice fields.jpg

Martha Webber November 2020, Acrylic Painting,

"Working in the rice fields".

Enameled hand made jewelry 10.20.jpg

Caitlin & Siobhan modeling the enameled copper crosses.  Thankyou young ladies for wearing my jewelry.

modeling the enameled copper cross.jpg

Martha Webber October 2020 jewelry. Using copper each piece is hand formed in my garage studio. The process of adding color is done by enameling which is fired in my kiln.

Felting Design by Martha.jpg

Felting Design by Martha Webber. Sold September 2020

Martha Webber - Abstracts wool felting done March and April during Covid 2020. "Blue Horses" is my version after Franz Marcs Oil on Canvas 1911. Colorful shapes from my imagination.

Blue Horses abstract wool felted.jpg
Abstract wool felting.jpg
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