Judged Fall Show November 18-25, 2019

Location:Atrium Level, 780 Main Street 

Award List:

Best of show - Reflections - Joanna Drew

First - Swans/Public Garden - John Marshall Dyke

Second - Sagebrush Ocean - Erica Ramsey

Third - I saw the Foxes this morning - Donna Lucas

Honorable mention - Kathleen Arnold - Tranquil

Mary - The last Begonia (pastel)
Susan - Reflections in restaurant window London
Martha Donovan - By the sea (pastel)
Kathleen - Tranquil photo on aluminum mount
Martha - Enamel Copper organic formed shapes and brass hung as mobile
Nanci - Fall leaves with crows (water color oil)
Kaye - Margaret Todd Schooner, Bar Harbor, ME (oil)
John Soule - Scarlet Tanager
(water base oil)
John Marshall - Swans Public Garden - Pointillism Oil
Laura - Lady Bug (Acrylic)
Lillian - Sisters (oil)
Donna - I saw the fox this morning
Dotty - Sunrise - Sunset
Joanna - Reflections
Birthe - Lily (water color)
Erica - Sagebrush Ocean (Pastel)
Isabel - Lilium (Oil)
Alfred - Yellow Daffodils(water color)

Fall Judged Show November 24-25, 2018

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