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Donations are welcome and help to offset the cost of running Weymouth Art Association.  Thank you for your gift of kindness.


Florence Pritchard from South Weymouth, taught art in her home for decades.  She inspired hundreds of women to express themselves through art.  She recently passed away at the age of 94.  A donation in the amount of $1000.00 to WAA by her daughter Susan Kerrigan, a pastel artist.  Susan has made this donation in memory of her Mother Florence Pritchard.


DONATION 2017/2018:  WAA Donates $80.00 to Tufts Library for purchase of a supply Cart.  WAA appreciates the close relationship we have had with Tufts Library and it's staff.   WAA has used the libraries meeting rooms and common area for our Fall and Spring Shows over the years.

Donation of Zoom Account for virtual Weymouth Art for 2020 by Joan Donovan

Donation of $110.00 by Laura Wright on October 3, 2021.


Weymouth Art Donates Scholarships to Weymouth High Students pursuing Art Education. 

2008 - $500.00,  2009 - $500.00 Karri McWade, 2010 - $250.00, 2015 - $300.00 - Meaghan Adler, 2016 - $250.00 - Sydney McDonald, 2017 - $250.00 - Maya Jean Savage,

2018 - $250.00 - Olivia Dodds.


2009 TUFTS LIBRARY BOOK PLATE in memory of Donald W. Cole designed by Artist Norma Mckenzie was funded by a donation made by IDEX LABORATORIES to WAA.

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