Weymouth Art Around Town

Member Art Displays.

Laura around town egrets.jpg

Laura Wrights Acrylic - Egrets 

Hanging in the Mayors Office October and November 2021.

Laura skyline in NH.jpeg

Laura Wright Acrylic - New Hampshire Skyline on display October and  November  2021.

Martha Webber Acrylics now on display at Colonial Federal Savings Bank in Weymouth for October and November 2021.

MJW Around Town 10.21.jpg
siobhan around town aug and sep acrylic.jpeg

Laura Wright  "Cows in a Pasture" Acrylic paint on display at Colonial Federal Savings Bank through September 2021.

Laura's cows.jpg

Laura Wright - Willie Nelson, Mixed Media.  On display at Center for Physical Wellness Apr & May 2021


Laura Wright - Abstract , Mixed Media

Wearable Art.jpg

Kathleen Arnold has her photography on display in the Councilor's Office & Mayor's Office Feb/Mar/Apr/May2021

K Arnold art in councilor 2.21.jpg
MJW Around Town 2 10.21.jpg

Siobhan has her acrylic painting on display at the Town Hall - Treasurer's Office.  "Ruin of Whitby Abbey" August and September 2021.

Siohban"s Drawing Peter Cottontail on display in Treasurer's Office Apr & May 2021.

peter cottontail.jpg

Laura Wright - Hingham Back River

on display at Center for Physical Wellness through May 2021.

Laura Wright May 2021.jpg

Laura Wright - Birch Trees, Acrylic

birch trees.jpg

Martha Webber's wearable art - Located in Councilor's Office Bookcase on display for Apr/May 2021.  Brass organic shape fold formed and hammered, painted black metal paint.  Hand beaded necklace. Fabricated each individual sterling silver piece holding wearable necklace together.  Earrings are hand formed sterling silver with black bead, circles have movement.

K Arnold photography in councilors  offi

Pastel Artist Michele Girard has her artwork on display in the Mayor's Office February and March 2021.  On display in Apr & May 2021 Colonial Federal Savings Bank. 

M girard around town 1.jpeg
M Girard around town 2.jpeg
Austria for around town.jpg

Austria village from a photo on tour in 1984. Acrylic

Martha Webber has her paintings on display at the Wellness Center February and March 2021.

JM Dyke has his paintings at the Wellness Center December through January 2021.

Winter Harbor Light by J Marshall Dyke .

JM Dyke Sunflower Collage - Acrylic


Wynton Marsalis by Laura Wright located at the Center for Physical Wellness October and November 2020.

wright around town Wynton.jpg

Caitlin and Siobhan Johnson ready to display their art in the Mayor's Office. October and November 2020.

Caitlin and Siobhan around town.jpeg

JM Dyke Winter Harbor Light-Acrylic

JM Dyke Oil Painting Boston Garden Swan Boat and bridge.


Birds of a feather by Laura Wright located at the Town Hall.

Wright around town birds of a feather.jp

Triangles and Circles by Laura Wright at the Town Hall.

Wright around town triangles and circles

Siohban a Weymouth Art Student has her Tiger Drawing on display in the Mayor's Office.

Siobhan Student, Weymouth Art

Siohban from Weymouth Art has her felting project on display in the Councilor's office.

siohban wey student felting project.jpg

Around Town November and December 2019.  Isabel Shamitz paintings in oil are on display the the Center For Physical Wellness

Isabel art at phsical center.jpg
Isabel 2 at center.jpg
Isabel art 2 at center.jpg

John Marshall Dyke is also on display at the Wellness Center for November and December 2019.

Around Town JMD at physical center.jpg

Erica Ramsey has her work displayed in the Councilors Office located at Weymouth Town Hall through February 2020.

Erica Jan.Feb. around town.jpg
Erica Jan.Feb. around town councilor.jpg