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Four Part Remote Learning Series

Artist Erica Ramsey. 













Artist Bio; Erica Ramsey was three when her dad dipped a brush in paint to write her name E R I C A, across her bedroom wall in a perfect peachy pink. She thought it was magic, and she wanted to be magic. At the University of Wyoming Ramsey studied painting, drawing and art history earning a BFA and a BA in Women's Studies. She has maintained an active studio practice since the age of 15, as well as taught visual art in a variety of contexts for the past decade.  Today her studio is in Hingham Square where she paints and works creatively every day.  Her work can be viewed at eramseyart.com and @eramseyart.

Members are invited to reconnect by creatively exploring media, non-objective representation, and personal interpretations of the new normal.  Work at home prompts designed to encourage members to explore their experiences of living during a global pandemic through artist expression.

Members will be encouraged to sign up in advance.  Additional information about how to log-on and participate will be emailed.  Time 2-3 PM.  

Member Fall Art Show TBD displayed on WAA Website.


Remote Learning DATES:

9/26/20 - Ramsey will provide an outline of the four-part series and pose the question, "Who am I, now?"

Participants will be invited to explore this question through non-objective representation in their own work.  To facilitate member participation at home, Ramsey will share automatic painting processes to encourage members to explore their own complex inner worlds.  Technical strategies for using watercolor, ink, quinck, colored pencil and acrylic paint will be demonstrated and discussed.

10/24/20 - Building on the thematic question, "Who am I, now?" participants will be invited to share the progress of work initiated in response to the first session.  Ramsey will demonstrate process for pushing the relationships between media and processes previously introduced.  Art historical contexts will be referenced to encourage members to understand the profound nature of their creative work during this historical moment.

11/21/20 -Participants will be invited to discuss and share discoveries about their process and selves made visible by creatively exploring the question, "Who am I, now?" Using discoveries made to this point, Ramsey will demonstrate techniques for refinement, the production of multiples, and exercises to keep healing creative energies flowing.

12/12/20 - Wrap up part 3 with mixed media use and part 4 with brief introduction demonstration with oil paint.

1/16/21 - TBA

2/20/21 - TBA

3/20/21 - TBA

4/17/21 - TBA

5/15/21 - TBA

Membership Due September 2020 and is valid through December 2021.

Yearly Membership Fees:

Regular Member $25

Family Members $30

Senior Member (62+) $20

Senior Family Members $25

Student Member $5

Remote Learning Series Starting September 2020 through December  2020.

Full house for our water color demo

with Tony Andrade  January 2020.

Birthe one of the raffle winners for December 14, 2019 presentation with Lennie Peterson

Lennie Peterson is a synesthete, meaning he has a condition known as synesthesia a neurological condtion in which the brain process senses atypically.  In Peterson's case, his mind processes music visually.  Lennie has dedicated his life to visual art, music and art education.

Lennie's Billy Holliday example

Mabel is winner of Tony's watercolor

Birthe is winner of Shape Art donated by Lois Weiner.

Connie Crosby explains the process to transfer her digital art images at her November 23, 2019 demo.

Siohban picks raffle winner for October 19, 2019 Demo.

Carole's Oil Painting presented to the lucky winner Marilyn at the October 19, 2019 Demo.

2019 Great Pumpkin-Give-A-Wey 

Nanci with Senator O'Connor

Raffle winner Martha Webber 

11-23-19 Artist Connie Crosby "All Aboard" hand painted digital painting.

Martha and Cam are the winners of Lennies art demo December 14, 2019.

Susan Entin Raffle Winner of Isabel's painting of Marina Bay during September 21, 2019 Demo Presentation on Prerspective 

Informal Art show May 18, 2019

February 16, 2019 Pastel Demo with Artist Rita Berkowitz.

Becky Haletky water colorist was On April 13, 2018

Stephanie's encaustic palette was very ample for the Weymouth Art Group to try their own skills on January 19, 2019 demo.

Scraping away the wax adding layer upon layer you can create very interesting perspectives.

Transfering images can add interest to the encaustic design.

Weymouth Art Association Fall Show

November 23-25, 2018 

East Weymouth Congregational Church in Jackson square. 

Dan Myers demo in clay November 24 at 2PM

Erica Ramsey virtual demo on September 26, 2020 was part one of a four series presentation Who am I now.  Introduction to a non-objective process.

Investigating abstract work, form abstraction things you can't necessarily see.  Make visible things that are invisible.

Erica has added water color to each circle and begins to demonstrate how they react uniquely to different types of mixed media.

Isolation this is how Erica felt during the Covid Pandemic.

Erica's process with ink blob on Bristol Water Color Paper evolves from a splatter into a moving spiral tornado in the process of playing by adding mixed media and letting your imagination work.

Joan Kelley right, works her magic using acrylic paint during the October 20, 2018 workshop.

Fine Aerial Photographer Margot Cheel did a presentation for Weymouth Art on October 21, 2017.  She has published two books "Sea and Sand from the sky" and "What do you see".   She is a licensed pilot and member of the Ninety-Nines.

Great Pumpkin Give-a-wey October 2018

Accomplished Artist Alix White instructs Weymouth Art Members during the Acrylic Paint Workshop on October 20, 2018.

Nanci Palmer workshop paintings were a series of sheep on the October 20, 2018.

Joan Donovan attends acrylic painting workshop on October 20, 2018.

Velma Begley right is an Author, illustrator, book publisher and water colorist.  Velma's demo presentation for Weymouth Art Association was on April 14, 2018.

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Janet McGlynn, designer February 22

Designer and Fiber Artist presentation by Janet McGlynn